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Motor City Jazz Octet

What is the Motor City Jazz Octet?

The Motor City Jazz Octet is a highly-regarded jazz band based in the Detroit metropolitan area.

The musicians of the Motor City Jazz Octet are some of the finest in Detroit. They can be found performing in the best clubs, theaters and concert venues in the area. Each player has his own following of respectful peers, avid music fans and interested students . They play because they love the music.

The Motor City Jazz Octet specializes in all forms of American jazz music including Dixieland, Jazz-Rock, Swing, Blues, Be-Bop, Latin-Jazz, Smooth Jazz and others.

Who is the Motor City Jazz Octet?

The Motor City Jazz Octet, at any one time, is made up of eight members. However, the band is actually made up of a larger artistic network of professionals and the specific number of artists present varies from performance to performance. The Octet draws its members from the very best professional musicians in Detroit and selects them for performances based on individual specialties and availability. The artists in the band are from such prestigious institutions as the Fox Theatre Orchestra, the Fisher Theatre, and symphonies of the area and some are former Motown performers and/or professors at major universities.

The Motor City Jazz Octet
Artist Instrument
Ernie Matchulat Tenor Saxophone
Dave Jennings Trumpet
Mike Skrzynski Trumpet
Ernie Skuta Trumpet
Patrick Hession Trumpet
Jimmy Smith Trumpet
Leo Harrison Trombone
Ron Kischuk Trombone
Mike Rumbell Trombone
George Troia Trombone
Mark Berger Baritone/Alto Saxophone
Ernie Rodgers Baritone/Alto Saxophone
Steve Wood Baritone/Alto Saxophone
George Benson Saxophone
Rick Margitza Saxophone
Brian Romeo Saxophone
Mike Hiemstra Saxophone
John Hammer Piano
Bill Meyer Piano
Gary Schunk Piano
Steve Carryer Guitar
Ron English Guitar
Peter Tolias Guitar
Kris Kurzawa Guitar
Don Lewandowski Bass
Andrew Lloyd Bass
Dan Pliskow Bass
Marion Hayden Bass
Joe Syrian